CURSE UPON PRAYER - From the Lands of demise
Raw Black metal from Finland.
Release date: 01/2014

SAAGAR - Interitum Universalis
Saagar began as a solo project of Saagar den Rode in 2010 from Argentina. More agressive, hatefully and spiritually more meaningfull, this is a key factor for Saagar, the music is a self expression of something that lives beyond the human itself. It is a channeling of the darkest energy and wisdom coming from the studies through occultism and esoteric sources. So Saagar evolved into a ritualistic esoteric black metal project. The result of that process is  "Interitum Universalis" an album that was conceived in the middle of a spiritual learning. Lyrical & musically is highly influenced by Dissection, Watain, Gorgoroth, Behemoth and other luciferanian acts with strong lyrics & powerfull music without neglecting the atmospheric and dark ambience
Release date: 27/12/2013

Industrial noise dark ambient from the North of Russia
Release date: ???

Cold Dark ambient with industrial parts
Release date: ???

Lux Serpent of Eden - Box set

Siamese Black metal from Thailand.

Release date: XXXX 2013

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